“UNFUCKWITHABLE (working title)” 2023, collection of hand-stitched textile objects, acrylic paint and varnish on raw cotton fabric, cotton thread, graphite, paper, cardboard, dimensions variable

“ BYE! ” 2022, graphite and colour pencil on paper, acrylic, charcoal, cotton, thread, styrofoam, lacquer, wood, dimensions variable

ENDE IN SICHT 2021, graphite and colour pencil on paper, textile, charcoal, wood, stones, paint, dimensions variable

THIS COULD BE THE DAY THAT WE PUSH THROUGH 2020, graphite on paper, wood, cardboard, canvas, stones, lamp, cable, dimensions variable

ES KANN NUR BESSER WERDEN 2019, graphite on paper, wood, laqcuer, lamps, cables, dimensions variable

KEINE SPANNUNG VOR DER ENTSPANNUNG 2019, graphite on paper, various small formats